Organic Zambian Forest Honey (Set) – 340g

This honey is the King of organics. Produced 200km from any civilisation. Totally unique flavour everyone loves. With numerous properties it’s a must-have!

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organic honey

Our deep forest organic honey has an unusual flavor, quite different to any other. This flavor comes from the pristine atmosphere of the Zambian forests that are untouched by civilization.

A natural beehive high in the trees of the Zambian forest, far from any pollution.

After a year or so, the honey is ready for harvesting.

Not only is this honey unique and delicious, it allows the beekeepers one of the only possibilities to earn a living with dignity and maintain their families. Our honey is fair trade with a system set up by ourselves, which the beekeepers prefer to the normal fair trade system. If not for this, they would be forced to move to the city areas to find alternative employment. This arrangement has a two-fold benefit – the community protects the forests and the forests protect the community by providing an income.

honey cultivation

Gibson Palata has put all his children through school thanks to the family’s beekeeping income. The children have all the books and uniforms they need, as well as a bicycle each.

The forests of Zambia stretch to cover thousands of square miles and are filled with many different and exotic trees. The flowers from these trees support a huge population of bees that flourish on the abundant supply of wild tropical nectar and produce the most delectable honey. Of course, there are no pesticides or antibiotics to be found here, making this honey the king of organic honeys!

deep forest honey

Furthermore, the honey is cultivated using an ancient technique. Beehives are manufactured using materials available in the forest using the traditional bark-hive beekeeping methods practiced for centuries.

The bark of a tree is fixed together with pegs and doors are made up of bark and woven grass, so they are practically free to produce.

The honey is harvested using a method similar to the European beekeepers of over a century ago, who would only harvest every year or two. This technique prevented the buildup of bee diseases, something we are only just learning about in the west today.

Try our Deep Forest Organic Honey today – not only is it the best honey you’ll ever taste, but it’s also available at a fraction of the cost of alternative premium UK and European honey. 

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