ORIGINAL Black Seed Oil – 1 Litre

The perfect amount of original black seed oil to help you with all of your worries! A 1-liter brown glass bottle of a top product made with 100% pure, cold-pressed, finest quality Nigella Sativa seeds

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The Blessed Seed highly recommends the original black seed oil in its 1-liter bottle for individuals that are already familiar with the high properties of Nigella Sativa and are looking for something a little more powerful than they are used to.

The 100% pure and cold pressed oil is used by thousands all around the world! It’s really good and highly praised by those who tried it. And that’s why we decided to create the 1-liter bottle of the original black seed, it’s because people can’t get enough of it!

Potency of the oil is 1.5 – 2% which is a good margin for everyone out there. It’s not too much and not too little. It is also the perfect introduction to the natural phenomenon that has been revered for millennia for its highly praised nature.

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Weight1.6 kg